About OCI

Started in 2010 and based in Canada, we initially created Online Casino India (OCI) to serve as a starter guide for people wishing to play on reputable online casinos whilst in India or abroad. With the proliferation of online casinos over the last decade, it has become more and more difficult for new players to figure out which ones are reputable and for that matter, even legal.

To further complicate matters, even out of the reputable international online casinos, not all accepted Indian players. OCI makes new players lives easier by providing them with details on selecting an appropriate online casino – whether it’s a rupee casino, or one accepting other major currencies like USD, GBP and Euros. We also provide tips and guidelines to help individuals wanting to gamble online for real money in India to get started.

As the OCI readership grows, we will be updating the site with more online casino reviews as well as how-to guides on the most popular casino games. We also have available a slew of free online casino games for those of you who prefer the fun and excitement without laying out any of those hard-earned rupees.

Please note that if you represent an online casino that accepts Indian players and are keen to include a review of your casino on OCI, then please get in touch with us in Canada through the contact form.