Privacy Policy

Online Casino India (or OCI, for short) observes a strict no-spam policy in accordance with Canadian regulations. Simply put, that means you will not receive any unsolicited email from OCI, ever. If you make avail of our free email newsletter subscription including special offers and casino updates, you will always be provided with an option to unsubscribe in each email you receive. You may unsubscribe at any point from the service at any point.

If you do sign up to receive email offers, we keep these restricted to a maximum of 1 emails per week. However, as mentioned earlier, you may unsubscribe whenever you choose to.

For the purpose of creating a better user experience, cookies are used on this site to track traffic sources, useability and other site statistics. If you choose, you may turn off cookies for the OCI site in order to use it although some site features like commenting on posts may not be available to you. In line with Canadian regulations, tracked details in cookies are used to inform improvements for the OCI site only. As a rule, no personally identifiable information is maintained within the cookie.

If you have any questions regarding the OCI privacy policy, please feel free to contact us here.